Petersfield Bowling and Snooker Club

Snooker Captains


Snooker Captains
2020 Marc Lockley
2019 L Preece
2018 J Hounsome
2017 Marc Lockley
2016 Marc Lockley
2015 Marc Lockley
2014 Marc Lockley
2013 Matt Hammond
2012 Matt Hammond
2011 Jon Hounsome
2010 Paul Crouch
2009 Paul Crouch
2008 Jon Hounsome
2007 Jon Hounsome
2006 Martin Clifford
2005 Shirley Paton
2004 Shirley Paton
2003 Malcolm Paton
2002 Malcolm Paton
2001 A Ive


The longest serving Snooker Captain at the club was Ken Fell in the 80's and 90's who was Captain for 17 years making many changes.

Ken brought the 3 reds to the club in 1972 to pay for a new cloth and was instrumental in getting the slate cut on table one and the jaws reshaped to change them from the old billiard table size to the new snooker table expected size.