Petersfield Bowling and Snooker Club 



1. The competition is open, by invitation, to clubs with whom Petersfield has friendly fixtures.

2. Each club may enter one team only, to be of bona fide club members.

3. No player shall play for more than one club.

4. A team shall consist of one mixed pair, one mixed triple and one mixed four, who shall each play 18 ends. If this requirement for mixed teams is NOT met then the game has to be forfeited.

5. The first named club in the draw shall contact their opponents to agree the fixture date. Not less than three dates should be proposed including at least one weekday and one weekend.

6. The visiting captain shall number the reverse of the home team score cards to determine the rink allocation. Captains shall toss for the jack.

7. Aggregate scores shall decide the winner. If scores are level on completion, the triple shall play an extra end or ends, the first of which shall be played from the end at which the previous end was completed. The Skips shall toss for the jack for each end.

8. The winner's score cards are to be signed by both captains and forwarded by the winning club without delay to the Petersfield match secretary.

9. If a match has to be abandoned, the following will apply:-

If less than 5 ends have been played the game should be started from scratch on another agreed date.

If 5 or more ends have been played then the game should be resumed with the existing scores at another agreed date.

If 11 ends have been played the game is deemed completed and the score stands as the ‘result’ - provided BOTH Captains agree. If there is no agreement the remaining ends have to be played on an alternative agreed date.

One substitute shall be permitted on each rink.

10. Any objections must be telephoned to Petersfield within 48 hours of the match, to be followed by a written report if requested. The decision of the Petersfield bowling committee shall be final.